RemiLore is a “rogue-lite” anime-style adventure set in a colorful world where players hack and slash their enemies and cast devastating magic attacks using twin stick controls! Remi, an ordinary high school student, has awakened Lore, a talking book who is a selfproclaimed “master” of magic. Together, they are drawn into the magical world of Ragnoah, which has been overtaken by mecha-monsters. Remi and Lore must venture together and find their way home, but can Remi really trust the mischievous magic book Lore? Who is the mysterious android girl “Choux” and why does she want to capture Lore? Will Remi ever find her way out of the magical world and return home?



  • Embark on the adventure as Remi and her companion Lore, who are sucked into the magical world of Ragnoah and need to find their way out.
  • “Hack and slash” and cast magic to battle fearsome mechamonsters and engage in epic boss battles.
  • Melee combat styles can be changed based on over 200 different weapons found in the world.
  • Journey through the procedural levels for unlimited replay value and a unique gameplay experience every time!
  • Gameplay modes include single-player Story Mode (as Remi or Choux) and two-player Co-Op Mode.
  • Battle through the colorful world of Ragnoah in summer, fall, winter and spring; each season features vastly different lighting styles.
  • Adorn Remi and Choux with various costumes.
  • Experience the rich story with full Japanese Voice Acting.
  • Published by Nicalis, Inc.
  • Co-developed by Pixellore, Inc. and REMIMORY.


RemiLore - Announcement Trailer YouTube

『レミロア~少女と異世界と魔導書~』公開トレーラー YouTube

RemiLore Release Date Announcement! YouTube

『レミロア~少女と異世界と魔導書~』発売決定トレーラー! YouTube

RemiLore (Switch/PS4/Xbox One) Launch Trailer YouTube

RemiLore Developer Video 1: The Four Seasons YouTube

RemiLore Developer Video 2: Gameplay System and Modes YouTube

RemiLore Developer Video 3: Melee Combat and Spells YouTube

Remilore Developer Video 4: Wacky Weapons YouTube


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  • "RemiLore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore is a unique and outstanding Rogue-lite adventure. It mixes the look of anime with the fast paced combat found within the popular hack-and-slash genre."
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