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16 October, 2015

Wii U
Xbox One


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Color Symphony 2 is a puzzle action platformer that utilizes the ambiguity of color. Try to eliminate obstacles or find new paths by using color! This simple rule allows you to solve various problems. Color Symphony 2 will provide lots of fun with improved controls and level designs.


2016.01 - Best Gameplay of 2015 by Haogamers.


  • Unique mechanics that utilizes the ambiguity of color
  • Simple rules and various solutions
  • Level design packed with action and puzzles
  • Over 120 levels and various achievements
  • Support for Steam Cloud, Leaderboards and Trading Cards
  • Newly introduced elements
  • Improved controls and graphics
  • Optimized for gamepad
  • Support for various OS including Windows, OSX, and Linux
  • Support for color blindness and color weakness


Color Symphony 2 for Steam - Launch Trailer YouTube

Color Symphony 2 for Wii U - Launch trailer (PEGI 7) YouTube

Color Symphony 2 for Xbox One - Launch trailer (ESRB 10+) YouTube


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Color Symphony 2 Credits

Game Design, Graphic Design, Programming, Scenario and Music

Hero Sprite and Effect (An outsourced partner)

Latis Global Communications, Inc.

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